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About Caralyzed

Caralyzed is a new-born approach on delivering news on automotive topics to the people.

Automotive News

We deliver all news that matter about automotive, new models, updates, faceliftings, releases, news on companies, concepts, test, tuning and much much more!


As vehicles and technologies are evolving day by day especially, due to the revolution on alternative energies, we deliver every line that we get about such topics to keep you updated.

Racing News

Worldwide racing news on Formula 1, GP2, Formula E, Rally WCR, Touring, and other highly demanded events of FIA or any other racing association.

We are happy to provide YOU the ability to find qualitative information about automotive on the web.

Distributing Caralyzed

As we decentralize our information-source-channel and thereby removing the actual website, we start distributing our contents on corresponding networks to deliver information in a specified format at a place where you can get the most out of it.

We will give our readers the opportunity to chose by themselves where to find us and which kind of information to read.

Because of the changing trend of user-behavior on the web, we have to adapt, thats why we think: if we find you on the web at a place where you like to spend time, then it is our responsibility to adapt to YOU and publish our content to your comfort.


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